How to Take Sildenafil for Women "Lady Era" Correctly?


Orgasm is the natural end of sexual intercourse. Strengthen the desire for a partner, and get more vivid emotions will help drug Sildenafil for women “Lady Era”. It is a vasodilator that is used to increase potency.

Sildenafil for women Lady Era

It does not affect female sexual desire in any way. The spectrum of its action is to enhance the pleasure during intimacy.

The drug stimulates the production of the necessary amounts of lubrication during sexual arousal. If there are no problems with sexual desire and orgasm, take medication is not recommended, otherwise the consequences can be the most negative.

Composition of The Preparation "Lady Era"

Female sildenafil "Lady Era" is an exciting remedy. The drug is available in tablet form for oral administration. Pills are covered with a special coating to protect the stomach. The pharmacies have the following dosage types: 25, 50 and 100 milligrams.

The main active ingredient is sildenafil citrate. The excipients include lactose monohydrate, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, indigo carmine, titanium dioxide, polyvinylpyrrolidone.

The Effect of the Drug on the Female Body

The main substance of the drug is considered an inhibitor of PDE-5, responsible for increasing male potency. How does Sildenafil affect women? As a result of chemical reactions, the vessels of the genital organs expand, the blood flow in the pelvic area increases.

According to experts, Sildenafil for women:

  • Makes touches and impressions of sexual intercourse more vivid and sensitive;
  • Acts as a stimulant for the production of special glands lubricant during sexual arousal;
  • Minimizes painful sensations when the penis is inserted into the vagina;
  • Multiplies sexual desire;
  • Maximizes the time of orgasm after the onset of sexual intercourse; Prolongs the period of sexual intercourse;
  • Allows women during menopause and after prompt removal of the uterus to feel a man, multiplies the amount of lubrication, increases sexual desire.

Lady Era 100 mgIn addition to the above properties, additional substances in the drug also act as antidepressants, eliminate fatigue, stress and irritation. Under the influence of the drug, a woman gives herself completely to her sensations and, as a result, experiences a brighter orgasm.

In pharmacies, you can purchase a kit for a man and a woman, through which both partners can enjoy the closest to each other.

Can women take male sildenafil? It is better to take exactly the type of drug that is made specifically for the female body in order to obtain the desired effect. The drug is taken about one hour before the proposed proximity, so that it can be completely distributed throughout the body.

When should I take Lady Era?

Most often, sildenafil is prescribed to men, if medicinal potency treatment is required. The drug also has a positive effect on women who suffer from inadequate lubrication and dryness in the vagina.

Admission is recommended for the following symptoms:

  • Low level of sensation in sexual contact;
  • Lack of sexual desire for psychoemotional or physiological reasons;
  • Absence of orgasm or too long approaching it;
  • Sexual coldness in women;
  • High blood pressure in the pulmonary artery.

Instructions for Use

Instructions for use prescribe to drink sildenafil for women Lady Era at 50 mg per day. This dose is enough to improve sexual function and desire. Approximately one hour before the proposed proximity, the pill should be taken and washed with water. It is advisable to do this before meals, otherwise the exposure time will increase.

If the patient is diagnosed with liver disease, then the daily dose is reduced by half. In diseases of the kidneys, the dosage depends on the level of the glomerular filtration rate:

  • 30-80 milliliters per minute - the dosage of Sildenafil is 50 milligrams per day;
  • Less than 30 milliliters per minute - the dosage of sildenafil is 25 milligrams per day.

Features of the Application of the Drug "Lady Era"

The positive effect of sildenafil on women is possible only during sexual intimacy, when there is an active stimulation. If the reception of the product is accompanied by a deterioration of hearing or vision (blurring, violation of color perception), it is best to abandon it and pick up a more suitable drug from the doctor.

Also, "Lady Era" tablets should not be combined with other drugs of the same spectrum of action. There are no specific recommendations for using the drug when driving a vehicle. A doctor will be required if the patient has active hypotension.

Sildenafil for Women effects

Pulmonary Hypertension and Sildenafil Administration

Pulmonary hypertension is an unnatural increase in the muscle layer and layer of flat cells inside small venules and veins. According to the instruction, the use of Sildenafil for women relaxes the pulmonary artery walls, without affecting the overall blood flow. Hypertension negatively affects sexual activity, and taking the drug returns strength and desire.

The drug should be taken 3 times a day every seven to eight hours. The dose should not exceed twenty-five milligrams at a time. If the liver tolerates the drug well, its one-time amount can be increased to fifty milligrams.

It is important that the daily dose does not exceed one hundred milligrams. For older people and those with internal diseases (liver, kidneys), the recommended dose is twenty-five milligrams. If there is a high sensitivity to any component of the drug, then the maximum dose per day should not be more than fifty milligrams.

How Does the "Lady Era" Medication Interact with Other Drugs?

One-time "Lady Era" with ketoconazole, erythromycin and cimetidine complicates the process of removing the drug from the body, its amount in the blood is sharply multiplied. With a combined intake of sodium nitroprusside and other organic nitrates, there is a sharp decrease in pressure, which is contraindicated in people with hypotension.

Do not use Sildenafil together with drugs for diabetics.

When is it Forbidden to Use Lady Era?

Can I take Sildenafil for womenAlcohol in no way affects the impact of "Lady Era", which is proved by medical research. No increase in side effects will occur with a blood content of 0.3 ppm of alcohol (200 grams of white wine).

Before taking the drug "Lady Era" you need a doctor's consultation. Self-medication can cause negative consequences, as there are many reasons why using a medication for treatment is not recommended. There are a number of diseases when the use of sildenafil is strictly prohibited.

These are the following diseases:

  • Aortic stenosis;
  • Poor blood supply to the heart muscle;
  • Low blood pressure;
  • Heart failure;
  • The defeat of the myocardium, accompanied by an increase in the size of the heart, heart failure and a malfunction of the heart rhythm;
  • Deviation in the development of the retina;
  • Underage age;
  • High sensitivity to the components of the agent, up to the occurrence of an allergic reaction; The onset of a stroke or heart attack in the last six months;
  • Anemia;
  • Heart rate failure.

Side Effects

Experts say that Sildenafil, due to the characteristics of the female body, can cause side effects.

The effect is manifested in different parts of the body:

  • Skin covers - herpes rash, hives (rarely), dermatitis;
  • Nervous system - depression, sleep disturbance, headaches and dizziness, decreased sensitivity, trembling of the limbs, a sense of "brake", chronic fatigue syndrome;
  • Metabolic disorders, possibly increased blood sugar, gout;
  • Digestive system - inflammation of the gums, damage to the oral mucosa, difficulty swallowing, inflammation of the mucosa of the esophagus, poor liver function tests;
  • Respiratory system - inflammation of the mucous larynx, bronchi, sinuses of the nose. The most dangerous shortness of breath, complications of bronchial asthma.

Studies have shown that each of these effects manifests itself in one way or another equally equally. It is possible to increase side effects only with an increase in the daily dose.

Where is "Lady Era" Sold and How to Buy It?

How to Buy Lady EraSildenafil "Lady Era" is sold only in a pharmacy or in online pharmacies. Do I need a prescription when shopping online? The unequivocal answer is yes; it is a prescription drug.

However, when you purchase "Lady Era" in an online pharmacy, you do not need a prescription. You can buy this medication without a prescription online.

The medicine best retains its useful properties when stored in a dry place, away from small children, with a temperature regime of not more than thirty degrees. Take the drug fearlessly within two years from the date of production.

Sildenafil Generic Medications

As already mentioned above, sildenafil is used in the elimination of poor blood circulation in the pelvic organs, to enhance sexual lust and susceptibility of erogenous zones.

Everyone familiar drug, at the heart of which is sildenafil, is called Viagra. In fact, it is the "pioneer" of all medicines to improve the quality of sex. Viagra is still actively sold in the pharmacy chain. At the same time, it is very expensive. Its price is two to four times higher than its synonyms.

To be more precise, the subsequent drugs, created on the basis of sildenafil, are generics of Viagra.

How do generics differ from a unique remedy?

  • The technology of developing the original means is as follows:
  • Isolation of a chemical substance and analysis of its properties;
  • Conducting laboratory studies to identify the greatest number of beneficial and negative properties and determining the daily dosage;
  • Development of a method and technology for removing the main active substance on a production scale;
  • Purification of the active substance from unnecessary impurities, since their presence can provoke allergy and other side effects;
  • Development of a unique name for the drug and its mass production on the pharmaceutical market.

Each authentic preparation has an obligatory patent, the time period of which is limited. In general, the certificate is issued for a period of five to ten years. When the patent terminates, another pharmaceutical company has the right to use the original composition, but to release it as its own means.

The name of the medicine is also replaced. As a result, a completely new drug is obtained in a new dosage and with an already proven original composition. The cost of the means is much lower. So there are generics.

Generics do not copy the composition of a unique medication by one hundred percent. Only the dose of the main active substance remains the same. But the amount and composition of auxiliary ingredients can vary. Very often generic manufacturers do not perform a thorough purification of the active substance from unnecessary impurities.

Today in the pharmaceutical market you can find a huge number of Viagra generics. All of them are based on sildenafil. If gradation is carried out according to the purity of the basic substance, then Sildenafil Ratiopharm (Croatia), Potential (Ukraine), Revatio (Germany) are among the purest. Slightly dirtier and cheaper than generics produced in India - Kamagra, Maxigra, Sildigra, Viprogra, Suhagra, Lovegra, Aurogra, Nizagara and other names.

Producers from India came up with other forms of generics. In pharmacies you can find a tablet software. Their distinctive feature is that they do not need to be washed down, it is enough to chew or to dissolve the pill so that, together with the saliva, the substance enters the blood.

You can also find options in the form of chewable pills enriched with different flavors. This form of release is good in that the entry into the blood of the main substance occurs much faster than the original preparation.

In fact, Sildenafil and Viagra are synonyms, since they have a common history and one active substance.

What are The Analogs of The Drug Sildenafil?

Generics Sildenafil, that is created on its basis preparations with the same chemical composition and therapeutic properties, can also be called its analogues.

In the pharmacy chain you can meet:

  • Aurogra;
  • Caverta;
  • Fildena;
  • Kamagra;
  • Malegra DXT/FXT;
  • Revatio;
  • Levitra;
  • Cialis;
  • Silagra;
  • Suhagra.

All of them have the same effect on the body, have an exciting effect and improve the perception of sex.

Natural Viagra - Natural Pathogen

Sildenafil is an artificial substance created in the laboratory. To receive it was the use of a special technology that cannot be repeated at home.

A lot of all any chemical substances still prefer natural and try to use in the diet such products that are natural pathogens (aphrodisiacs). Aphrodisiacs call products, thus affecting the body, that when they are used constantly in a person increases libido, sexual function, sensitivity improves.

Natural pathogens include chocolate, honey, olive oil, coffee, mushrooms, bananas, strawberries, sea kale, dates, coconuts, pine nuts, horseradish, onions, garlic, carrots, greens (dill, parsley, celery), asparagus, eggs, caviar, seafood (shrimps, mussels, oysters, snails), seasonings (saffron, vanilla, anise, ginger, cinnamon, ginseng), aloe, avocado, artichoke.

The Price of The Drug "Lady Era"

Buying Sildenafil for women "Lady Era" can be both in the nearest pharmacy, and place an order through the Internet. In the latter case, the doctor's prescription will need to be shown to the courier when calculating or the prescription may not be required at all. Below is the price of the drug in several pharmacies.

The average price of the drug "Lady Era" for a dosage of 100 mg is as follows:

  1. Packing 30 tablets - $55;
  2. Packing 60 tablets - $85;
  3. Packing 90 tablets - $110.

Reviews About the Drug "Lady Era"

At the forums for women, there are a lot of reviews about using Sildenafil. Here are some of them:

Maria, 35 years old:

For several years of marriage, the novelty of sensations has passed. I wanted to somehow diversify my intimate life. We decided to use Sildenafil with my husband on the advice of a doctor. Accepted it, as described in the instructions, an hour before closeness. The effect was amazing. All the old sensations returned. And soon I began to notice that my desire no longer depends on the drug. Now I drink it only for a very urgent need. Again I feel like a woman!

Anna, 43 years old:

The doctor recommended Sildenafil, since I have some problems with the moisture of the vagina. Decided to conduct an experiment, to make a surprise for her husband. As a result, I got a surprise. Instead of fun all evening spent on the toilet. Unfortunately, the drug did not fit me, I had to change it.

Regina, 39 years old:

Very good drug. I was prescribed by a doctor after an operation to remove the uterus. Plus, I use a special lubricant for more intensive moisturizing of the vagina. Sex began to bring more joy than before.