Sildenafil for Women "Lady Era": Drug Features


Sildenafil for women “Lady Era” - a drug designed to improve the quality of sexual intercourse, and female Sildenafil in tablets of 100 mg is really capable of embellishing sexual activity. Is Sildenafil as useful as they say?

Sildenafil for Women Lady Era - Feel your partner!

Long since potency was of great importance for men, as it determined the success of the "male" not only on the love front, but also in everyday affairs. Problems with potency can knock down the habitual life rhythm of a man, so to avoid undesirable problems, a chemical substance was invented that can bring blood to the pelvic region, thus causing a good erection.

The substance was called "sildenafil", and the first official preparation containing this chemical compound was Viagra. With the development of chemistry, this relay was taken by women, and now their "female" Sildenafil is also available for them.

What does it consist of?

Male and female Viagra include sildenafilBoth male and female Viagra have the same main ingredient. It is not difficult to guess that this is Sildenafil, or as it is commonly called among chemists, sildenafil citrate. In addition to the basic substance in the composition of tablets for improving the quality of sexual intercourse, there are auxiliary additives. These can be various acids, dyes, etc.

Various pharmaceutical companies produce Viagra for women (Lady Era), so the name, packaging, appearance and set of auxiliary tablet ingredients may vary. Basically, now under the guise of the female Sildenafil are selling pink tablets of a rhomboid shape.

By its composition, female and male drugs for improving orgasm during sexual intercourse are practically the same and are generics of each other.

Below are the most popular names:

  • Viagra;
  • Female Viagra;
  • Lady era;
  • Fildena;
  • Kamagra;
  • Suhagra;
  • Silagra.

The above mentioned names, in fact, are synonymous with each other, since both in composition and in action they are no different. Many people say that sildenafil is an effective way to achieve maximum attraction to one's partner, and using it you can reach the peak of sweet sensations. In fact, real opinions about the effect of this drug vary.

And anyway, if you rely on reviews, some argue that from such medications the female body can experience disruptions and disorders. Is it so?

How does the "Lady Era" work?

How does the Lady Era workEveryone knows that the male Viagra and its generic causes an erection, bringing blood to the penis and filling it with cavernous calves. Thus, a man becomes physically able to complete sexual intercourse. But if the female sildenafil is not much different from the male, then it should exert similar influence.

But if the erection of the female half of the population does not need anything, then why should they have a female Viagra – “Lady Era”? The answer to this question is simple and understandable.

Sildenafil - a reactive substance that enters the body through the stomach and absorbed into the blood through the intestines, by numerous reactions sends signals to the brain, so that he forced the heart to drive blood into the pelvic region. In parallel with the influx of blood, the blood vessels expand. In the end, the sensitivity of erogenous zones in a woman increases. This contributes to:

  1. Deep brightness of sensations.
  2. Reducing the time between the onset of sexual intercourse and the achievement of orgasm.
  3. Increase the productivity of the glands that produce natural lubrication. That is, Sildenafil (Lady Era pills) or its generic is useful to those women who suffer from excessive dryness of the vagina.
  4. The multiple intensification of excitation from weasels, kisses, and touches, in general, contributes to the increase of libido, provided that there is sexual stimulation.
  5. Extension of orgasm and sexual intercourse in general.
  6. Increased sexual desire in women in old age.

Lady Era (Female Sildenafil) 100 mg does indeed have a positive effect on the functioning of the reproductive system, but this is only if there is sexual stimulation, foreplay, etc. Experience and numerous reviews on the Web have shown that taking Viagra contributes to the enhancement of sexual ability even in those women the weak sex that is in a state of menopause.

Of course, like other medicines, Sildenafil and any of its generic drugs have their side effects, among them:

  • nausea;
  • dizziness;
  • blurred consciousness;
  • an intestinal disorder;
  • dullness of attention.

In general, these side effects are noted in people who are overdose with this drug, or whose body is overly sensitive to the active substance of Viagra and all of its generics.