Lady Era is an Effective Drug for Increasing Libido in Women


One of the simple and effective ways to make your sex life as bright as possible is the use of Lady Era, a drug based on sildenafil, designed specifically to treat sexual disorders in women. Complexity with the achievement of orgasm is experienced by many women. This situation can occur in a lady of elegant age, and in young women.

Lady Era Increasing Libido in Women

In this case, it is recommended to resort to the use of Lady Era - a drug that is called Viagra for women. As in the preparation for men, a substance called "sildenafil" is used here. Its effectiveness in the treatment of sexual problems has been proved by clinical studies and many years of practical experience.

Women's Viagra acts in several ways:

  • The drug enhances sexual desire and willingness to have sex, which removes the psychological barriers of women who are insecure, allows you to tune in the right way;
  • Improved blood circulation increases the sensitivity of intimate and erogenous zones, so the sensations become brighter, the duration of sexual intercourse increases.

Experts also note such a positive factor from the use of Lady Era, as the lack of habituation and the woman's ability to continue to experience discharge without additional stimulation. The female organism remembers those sensations that arise at the peak of satisfaction, and then again causes them during moments of intimate communication.

Description of the Drug "Lady Era"

Lady Era acts a good effect on the quality sexDespite the fact that sexual disorders in women, in particular libido, are not as noticeable as men's, but the lack of sexual attraction has a very negative effect on the quality of life of women.

That's why many experts-sexologists recommend taking women's Viagra Lady Era, which quickly and after the first intake eliminates problems with the excitement and achievement of orgasm.

Thus, it can be concluded that exciting drugs, such as women's Viagra, are the key to the psycho-emotional and physical health of beautiful women. After all, giving them the opportunity to receive powerful, repeated orgasms, such a means stimulates a splash:

  • Oxytocin - a hormone of calmness and satisfaction that relieves feelings of anxiety;
  • Serotonin - a pledge of fine mood;
  • Dopamine - a natural antidepressant, produced by the body;
  • Endorphins - a hormone of bliss and happiness.

Regular production of these hormones normalizes the work of the nervous and immune system, helps to improve sleep and get rid of depressions. Accepting the female Viagra Lady Era, you will not only improve the quality of sexual life, but also become the most passionate, sensual and tireless mistress for your partner.

Features of Exciting Tablets for Women "Lady Era"

Generic Lady Era presented in many online stores, developed on the basis of an effective and safe inhibitor of FED-5 - sildenafil, is available in various dosages: 100 mg. Different concentrations are focused on the treatment of sexual disorders of varying severity, so before the first intake of female Viagra, experts recommend that you consult a doctor and also pass tests to the level of estrogen.

In addition, for the reception of this exciting drug, the following indications should be available:

  • Inadequate release of natural lubricant;
  • Decrease or total absence of libido;
  • Pain during intimacy;
  • Hypersensitivity of the clitoris, etc.

To get rid of these "symptoms" and get pleasure from erotic meetings, take a tablet of Lady Era for 30-60 minutes before sexual intercourse, washing it with a lot of non-carbonated, non-alcoholic liquid. The action of the pill will last for 4-6 hours.

"Lady Era": Application and Effects

The sexual stimulant is used to treat and prevent sexual disorders in the female body. Its effectiveness has been proven even after such a serious surgical intervention as removal of the uterus.

The main advantages of Lady Era:

  • increases libido;
  • increases sensitivity;
  • causes the appearance of more vaginal lubricant;
  • stimulates the endurance of the organism;
  • orgasm becomes more vivid and prolonged (perhaps several times in a row).

It is due to the increased flow of blood to the pelvic organs that such an enchanting result is achieved. Take one tablet of the drug one hour before the planned sexual contact, drink a glass of ordinary water. Do not exceed the daily allowance of 100 mg. The duration of the drug varies within 4-6 hours.

For healthy women, there are no contraindications. And those who have problems with the kidneys, liver and cardiovascular system, it is necessary to consult with a doctor before the reception. Side effects may include mild headache.

If you believe the reviews, then "Lady Era" really works. Many patients noted a significant improvement in the quality of sexual intercourse and a longer orgasm. The positive impact on the body and the women who are in the menopause period have also been noted.

How to Use Lady Era?

  1. Prior to initiating sexual intercourse, it is recommended to take one tablet.
  2. After that, the pleasure from sex is assured to you.
  3. Take the pill half an hour before sexual intercourse.
  4. Take the medication with a glass of water. It is best that this water is boiled. Product: packaging for four tablets.

What is Women's Viagra?

It is impossible to imagine the harmonious life of a married couple without sexual relations. In families who live without sex, disputes, strife, constant disassembly are common. Generic women's Viagra was specially designed to avoid this. Orgasm is as necessary for a human being as a feeling, like, say, satiety or lack of thirst. Without it, life turns into a pale, useless existence.

Many people unfairly believe that having sex in a family depends solely on men. If this were so, the preparation of Female Viagra would not make sense. In fact, if a girl does not want, then the presence of an erection in a man does not help.

What is Women's (Female) Viagra

But such failures in the functioning of the reproductive system in the beautiful half of mankind are very common. They greatly reduce the quality of life not only for women themselves, but also for partners (spouses).

Scientists have not yet figured out how sexual desire in women disappears (or appears). It is only known that the center of reinforcement in the brain is involved in the excitation mechanism. It is assumed that the decrease in desire is due to the impossibility of disabling the frontal part of the brain, responsible for the execution of everyday tasks.

For example, if a woman constantly thinks about work, her libido can go down. Viagra for women is an old dream of scientists trying to solve this problem.

There is an effective analog of Female Viagra - Female Cialis with active ingredient tadalafil.

But the drug was never developed until an effective medicine for treating male sexual potency appeared on the market.